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Just a friendly update

30 Aug

My next story is taking longer than I expected because it’s getting longer than I expected. I don’t normally talk about stories before I finish them, but I’ll make an exception in the interest of keeping this blog updated.

The name of the story is S.A.M. It’s cyberpunk erotica. It’ll cost 99 cents, but you’ll get a healthy preview before buying. Perhaps it’s a smidgen less female-friendly than Strangers on a Space Elevator, but if you’re a woman who enjoys watching porn (or at the very least doesn’t mind seeing it), you definitely won’t be turned off by anything in this story. Which isn’t to say it’s downright pornography… just my usual smut combined with what I hope is a quality yarn holding it together.

S.A.M. is set in a future, not that near, in which casual sex is a lot more common. People still have official lovers, but it’s okay for them to branch out. The main character is a corporate spy. He’s been hired to track down the maker of a street drug. Along the way, he gets himself into some dangerous situations. The aim is to pay tribute to the classic cyberpunk stories while also making it my own. It’s action-packed and pretty damned violent.

I also think it’s the beginning of a series.


Image Stash

18 Aug

Well, this person on Reddit just totally simplified my NSFW Internet browsing:

Here’s what I suggest…

1. Get Image Stash.

2. Head over to ImageFap.

3. Find one of those giant galleries that usually made your SAVE IMAGE AS finger fall off.

4. Profit. (That’s right. No question marks before this step, bro.)

A little bit of advice: don’t screw around with galleries that have small pictures. Go for the huge and large galleries. (Just downloaded a mostly worthless Winter Pierzina gallery because it was nothing but small images. Seriously… who the hell would upload such small photos of such big boobs?) You can also download your saved images to your hard drive, but I find leaving them in the cloud is good enough.

Strangers On A Space Elevator: Available Now!

18 Aug

Click here to check out the product information over at Smashwords. The ebook is 99 cents FREE! and something like 8-12 pages long depending on the e-reader device (I guess).

My next story will be posted soon. It will most likely be 99 cents, so if you liked this one, be sure to check out the next!

Formatting With Smashwords

17 Aug

I’m about halfway through the hefty formatting guide provided by Smashwords (88 pages!), but when I’m done with it I’ll format (and eventually upload) my first story. Until then, I’m sorry about how boring this blog is at the moment.

A note to people who actually found this blog: I didn’t really intend for you to find it so soon. Right now I’m just getting used to blogging with WordPress. In other words, expect some dumb posts for the next few days.